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commercial blinds - Kestrel Anti Ligature

Kestrel Anti Ligature

Two areas have been identified as environments where persons are at greatest risk of self-harm: mental health hospitals (including psychiatric wards in general hospitals); and prisons and detention centres. In these areas the incidence of self-harm by ligature has been a serious cause of concern. The Kestrel Magnetic Suspension System provides a highly effective means of greatly reducing this risk. Its load-release brackets are discreet and attractive, and the system is in use in psychiatric institutions and prisons throughout the UK.

Defiant cassetted blinds and blackout units

Defiant cassetted blinds give a smooth contemporary style to any window, and help to protect the blind fabric from dust or damage. The C2 cassettes are simply a pleasing and modern alternative to standard roller blinds, whilst the C4 includes attractive aluminium side channels to complement the cassette. These help to retain the fabric in position, and will also give a degree of light exclusion when used in conjunction with blackout fabric. Defiant cassetted blinds are available in four cassette sizes, with a choice of sidewinder, slow-rise spring, geared crank or motorised control.

Defiant cassetted blinds
movatrack cubicle track

Movatrack Cubicle Track

Movatrack cubicle track systems are in use in many hospitals throughout the world, including major London hospitals. Movatrack is now firmly established as a leading brand of cubicle track, due to its unique blend of properties – innovative design, practical effectiveness and rugged reliabilty.

Many specifiers now insist on Movatrack, citing both its inherent design strengths and its long-term cost effectiveness. It is the only track on the market with roller wheel curtain hooks fitted as standard, giving two distinct advantages: free running curtains, and zero maintenance. Even after years of intensive use, curtains on Movatrack roller hooks do not jam, and the tracks never need lubricating – only normal cleaning procedures are necessary.

Despite Movatrack’s slim and attractive appearance it is one of the strongest and safest tracks available. The rigid, high grade aluminium profile will span 3m with ease, and the wall fittings are manufactured from die-cast aluminium rather than plastic. Designed from the outset with infection control in mind, the roller hooks run in an enclosed channel, and the flat, channel-free top surface provides no dirt-trap and allows for safe and simple cleaning.

Hand Drawn Curtain Tracks

Hand drawn curtain tracks, as well as being economical and simple to operate, are often the preferred option in public areas where many different persons may draw the curtains. When specifying hand drawn tracks, window size, curtain weight, usage intensity, fixing requirements and aesthetics should all be assessed, allowing the most appropriate track to be selected. The details on these pages will enable the specifier to make informed decisions with reference to these requirements, thus ensuring that Vitesse hand drawn curtain tracks will give optimum performance and lasting satisfaction.

Cord Drawn Curtain Tracks

Cord Drawn Curtain Tracks

Vitesse cord drawn curtain tracks are widely specified where a touch of luxury is required, or where ease of use is a primary consideration. Their smooth, quiet operation and elegant appearance make them at home in the most demanding environments. When selecting a track, window size, curtain weight, usage intensity, fixing requirements and aesthetics should all be assessed, allowing the most appropriate track to be specified. The details on these pages will enable an informed choice to be made, thus ensuring that Vitesse cord drawn curtain tracks will give optimum performance and lasting satisfaction.

Harrier Curtains

Harrier shower curtains are widely used in the healthcare market. They are simple and easy to hang, and are inherently flame-retardant. They are strongly made, with stitched hems and sturdy metal eyelets providing safety and durability. Ready made and available from stock, there is a Harrier shower curtain to suit almost any shower track configuration.

Harrier Curtains
insect screen
Defiant Insect Screens

Defiant Insect Screens

All Defiant Insect screens are carefully built to exacting standards, giving years of trouble-free service. The superior design features and quality components enable them to be confidently specified for the most demanding environments.

The provision of insect screens at door and window openings is a legal requirement in areas where food is prepared for public consumption, such as restaurants, works canteens, schools, hospitals and all public buildings. Defiant screens comply with the relevant Health and Safety regulations, and all frame sections are manufactured from hygienic white powder-coated aluminium extrusions. The PVC-coated glass fibre mesh is rot-proof and flame-retardant.

The greatly enhanced interior environment provided by Defiant screens is an important contributor to the quality of life in many situations, both residential and commercial. The screens are unobtrusive, with simple and attractive detailing and quality components.

Movatrack-IV Systems

It is becoming increasingly important that the area around a hospital bed should be as uncluttered as possible. It is now accepted that the patients’ quality of life can have a direct bearing on recovery time, and the perceived intrusiveness of medical equipment may be a contributory factor.

The benefit of IV200 is not only that drip bags and equipment are taken off the floor, but that they are suspended from an overhead track. IV provision can be kept discreetly aside, without taking up valuable floor space, yet it is always available to be moved into position when required.

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